Transferring iOS Song Purchases

Since Jan 2019 songs have only been available to purchase from the iSingWorship song store (and no longer as Apple in-app purchases).

We have phased out support for Apple in-app song purchases so that all users can access their song purchases regardless of which device they use. iOS users will of course still be able to run the app and purchase new songs as before by using the new store. To do this, you will need to create a new iSingWorship account (which is separate from your previous Apple iTunes account).

In addition, we recommend that you copy any previous Apple in-app song purchases over to the new iSingWorship song store. This will mean that you can continue to use your purchased songs on any compatible device without having to purchase them again.

To create your iSingWorship account and copy your previous song purchases, please follow these simple steps:

1. Download the legacy iOS version of iSingWorship.

a) Go to the "App Store"
b) Click on the small round icon for your Apple Account at the top right
c) Click on Purchased
d) You may then need to click on "My Purchases" if you have a family 
e) Type "iSing" into search box,
f) Click on "Install" beside the iSingWorship icon. (If there are two 
icons click on the lighter blue icon)

2. Create a new iSingWorship account.

This is different to your existing Apple iTunes ID. Create your new iSingWorship account by visiting this web page:


Your new account isn't connected in any way to your Apple ID so you can either choose to use the same log in details or set up different ones if you prefer.

3. Sign into your new account (in the legacy version of the app).

Open the legacy iSingWorship app on your Apple iOS device (iPad, iPhone etc), tap on 'Store' at the bottom of the screen and then tap on 'iSingWorship Song Store'. Enter your new account details that you have just created in step 1 and tap on 'Sign In'.

4.  Copy your song purchases.

Tap on 'Transfer Purchases'. This will duplicate all all your previous in-app song purchases (and any song bundles) over to your new account. (You may need to sign into your old Apple ID if you have not already done so).

5. Download and use your songs on any compatible device.

You can now download and open the latest version of iSingWorship on your iOS, PC/Mac or Android device.

Log into the iSingWorship store where you will see a list of your previously purchased songs which you can download and play.

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