Help With Streaming

Creating videos from iSingWorship on Windows 10...

(This works best if you can have two screens attached to your computer.)


a) Open the Windows Settings app (by typing 'settings' into the search bar),


b) Type "game" into the search and select "Game bar settings",


c) Turn on "Record game clips...",


d) Start the iSingWorship app,


e) Select the song, arrangement or playlist you want to play,

f) If you have a second screen press the blank iSingWorship screen on 
the second screen. Otherwise if you have just one screen make sure the 
iSingWorship app is 'maximised' by pressing the second icon at the top 
right of the window. Also press the "Lyrics" button to hide the sections 
and display just the lyrics.


g) Press the Windows Key plus the "G" key together,


h) Press the record button in the Capture window,


i) Press the "Start" button in iSingWorship


j) When the playing has finished press the Stop button in the Capture 


k) Press the "Show all captures" button,


l) Press the "Open file location" button,


m) This will now show the video file which can be use online.

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