Using music from iSingWorship for your services online.

There are 2 areas to consider regarding the legalities of using recorded music for the purpose of streaming your services online.


1) The recording rights - these are the rights held by the owner of the particular recording you use.


2) The publishing rights - these are the composition rights held by the original song writer(s) and are usually administered by their publisher.

Recording Rights

We own all the recordings in iSingWorship and are happy to give consent for any of these to be streamed over the internet to help provide services for your congregation. In addition, due to the current circumstances, we are waiving all fees relating to streaming for any of our recordings. We also give permission for our songs to be used where you record your service in advance and post it online for your congregation to play back later.

When using our songs online, you may sometimes receive a notice regarding copyright depending on the technology you are using. This is your streaming provider protecting our interests as the owner of the recordings. You have our permission to continue. Our preference would be to remove this notice all together, but we have no control over this as we are sure you will understand.

We also give consent for our recordings to be distributed to smaller congregations as part of your service (up to a maximum of 50 people) via physical CDs or other storage media.

Publishing Rights

To clear the publishing rights for live streaming of copyrighted songs, you need a CCLI streaming license. If the feed is 'broadcast' live, that is the only license you need and every song found in our library is covered by that license. You will still need to report any songs used back to CCLI in the normal way. To find out more, please visit


If you are recording your service in advance to post on the internet for your congregation to view later or you distribute it via some other storage medium (such as CD, DVD etc), you may need an additional license. Where you obtain this license varies depending on your country. For example, in the UK you could use PRS for music, and in the US, ASCAP. Please contact an equivalent organisation in your own territory to obtain the relevant license.

General Notes

In all of the above cases, please add the following copyright notice somewhere on your web page for example in your YouTube description or on your physical cover:

"Music taken from iSingWorship - all rights reserved".


Please note that copying and distributing our recordings either on the internet or physically for any purpose outside of providing a church service for your congregation is prohibited and would be in breach of the usual copyright laws.

How To Stream Using iSingWorship


You may find the easiest and quickest way to stream our songs is to use the MP4 lyric videos versions from our sister site:  As you would imagine, we are not able to 'cross grade' songs between different media types due to our publisher agreements. However, if you have already purchased a number of songs for iSingWorship or have an active iSingWorship Plus subscription and would like to purchase some lyric videos, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page and we will send you a discount code.

However, if you prefer to use the app, you will need to record your screen and audio outputs and create a video file from that which can then be used in your stream. You can use software such as the free OBS studio to achieve this.


If you still have further questions, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

God bless


The iSingWorship Team

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